The 5 C’s of survivability

When people see people talking about ‘survival’ there can be quick conclusions made that “oh that’ll never happen to me” and hopefully that’s right. But considering that these items are all part of a good outdoors/camping kit why would you not want to make sure you have them all regardless of how ‘safe’ you think you are. All the things listed here you would almost certainly use every single time you go camping. So why not take a bit of extra time and make sure you do have good quality tools that you’ll love using outdoors AND might also keep you alive in an emergency.

  1. Cutting Tool

    A good cutting tool is critical in an outdoor survival situation as it’s one tool that you may need to make other tools that keep you alive. The list of things a knife would be useful for in an outdoor situation is almost endless and it’s somewhat of a shame that here in Australia we have quite narrow-minded views regarding our knife laws.

    Having said that, a good fixed blade knife is critical in a number of situations whether you’re hiking, camping or doing any number of things outdoors it can be a fantastic tool not just in a survival situation. Among the endless uses, some of the more common applications are; food preparation, wood collection and processing, tinder collection and  other carving tasks. If you’re anything like me then sitting around a fire whittling is extremely relaxing.

  2. Combustion Device

    It should go without saying that being able to start a fire is very important when venturing into the bush. It can keep you warm, cook food and purify water. All of which you need to stay comfortable when camping and alive in a survival situation!

  3. Cover

    You might not think about this too much but having something to use as cover is quite important. It can easily be overlooked when packing a day pack etc. You might never forget a tent but if you get lost while on a bush walk and don’t have something to either keep you out of the rain or sun you might be in real strife. Depending on your part of the world it might change what you take here. For myself here in Queensland I opt for a waterproof poncho which can also be used as a tarp. Aim for one that has open side and folds out into a rectangle or square shape.

  4. Container

    This is easy, we need water. A metal water container can be used to carry water as well as boil it over a fire. Going without water, especially in Australia, for any period of time is nothing short of suicidal. Get a good quality thick metal walled water container and don’t let it leave your side while out in the bush.

  5. Cordage

    Rope is a very time-consuming thing to make by hand and if you haven’t done it before you might find it virtually impossible to do in the bush. That’s why it’s one of the top 5 items to have on you at all times. I’m sure we don’t need to go into too much detail about the uses of rope. It’s lite, cheap and extremely useful – don’t leave home without it. While any type of rope is fine, paracord is one of the best options in any situation as it’s generally load rated to about 250Kg (550 Pound) and normally has 7 internal strands that can be pulled out and joined together if you need more length or used separately. Compared to other rope from the local hardware store, the load this can lift is usually vastly superior.

Here are some items that could get your own 5 C’s kit started:

Paracord, Backpacks, Tents and More!