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Gordon Country

One of my all time favorite places around Brisbane. Here we’ve included some footage a friend of mine captured of us all going 4 wheel driving and also a custom map which includes markers for campsites and toilet/shower blocks etc.

What to expect at Gordon Country:

Gordon Country is found on the western side of Main Range National Park but is actually private property. There are also a number of other smaller privately run parks in the same valley. What makes Gordon Country really stand out in the size. It’s about 4500 acres and the vast majority is accessible by 4wd but it also has 2wd access in some parts.

When you arrive you can sign in with the books provided at the front office. Many times mid week, the front office isn’t attended but they usually leave a note on the whiteboard to say when they will be there next. At the time of writing the rates were basically $15 per night + $30 if you want to go 4wding OR + $10 per car for non-4wding. There is basic food supplies and ice available at the front office. Please bring your own drinking water as there is no where to fill up on drinking water. There is printed out maps at the office (they kind of suck) use the one below instead and/or with the printed version to get a more complete picture.

Camping at Gordon Country:

There is camping all along the main forestry road but you are not restricted to only these areas. If you are in a 2wd or large campervan then you may want to stick to these areas as they are flat and easily accessible to non-offroading vehicles.

Pets are allowed with conditions.

You can collect your own firewood! You can also buy it if you prefer but there is HEAPS lying around. Obviously it’s not in the first few main camping areas, but with a very short drive if you follow the signs to the cabins, will land you plenty. I have never ever purchased firewood there but we always have ripper fires every night. If you can’t find firewood IN A FOREST then maybe you should just stick to buying it – but please don’t tell people that it isn’t there, like I’ve seen in some online reviews!

For people wanting the more real bush camping experience, head up past the cabins, into Banshee Valley. Many people either don’t understand how to get to Banshee so please use the map below. It’s pretty much 4wd only but it’s absolutely beautiful and has heaps of wildlife. Be warned that while the tracks up Banshee Valley are quite timid in the dry, they’re a whole new monster in the wet. They quickly turn to thick mud and it’s like trying to drive on ice. There is a toilet block towards the start of Banshee Valley but really it’s better if you have your own and then you can head deeper into the valley.

Into bush walking? You can enjoy walking all around the sites of Gordon Country or you can drive up the main forestry road and head into Main Range National Park that has a bunch of different bush walks for all fitness levels.

Four Wheel Driving at Gordon Country

In relation to the 4wd tracks, there is strictly no 4wding in the wet or at night. Many of the 4wd tracks focus on getting up to the top of each side of the valley. Once your up there you’ll get some amazing views and there is areas to stop and pull over for a break. I’d say these tracks are really not that hard – most easily doable in a stock 4wd. There is really only 2 tracks (one on each side of the valley) that’ll really test your skills. If you’ve been to an actual 4wd park before, then you’ll find these fairly timid.

But it does make for a really nice day out that many people can enjoy without feeling like you’re going to pulverize your car (and arse) all day long. If you did get stuck you can usually reach the Gordon Country office on Channel 26. You can see us driving on some of the 4wd tracks in the video below.

This guide will probably be expanded on in the future but for now I hope that helps some of you.

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